Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You know you have traveled too much for business when...

1. You no longer try to get window seat to get an aerial view of the city.
2. It does not even cross your mind anymore the minute possibility of a cute passenger of the opposite sex sitting next to you.
3. It happened to you at least once when you were in your resident country yet your wallet contained more money in (different) foreign currencies than in local currency.
4. It happened at least once when you were at the check-in counter and you needed more than 10 seconds to remember which country you were flying to.
5. You were on business trip and after a long day of work you went "back" to the wrong hotel (usually hotel you had stayed at on the previous work trip).
6. During the taxi/ car ride from airport to hotel, you rarely even look out the window but instead check and reply emails on your phone.
7. Staff working at a particular airport restaurant actually recognize you or remember the food you usually ordered.
8. You get so sick of refilling bottles of skincare products that you would rather pay (a lot) more to buy your habitual brands in travel sizes (if only they were available).
9. In the past year you traveled overseas much more times than you went to TST/ Sai Kung/ Mongkok.
10. In the past year, you took the airport express much more times than you took the MTR/ bus/ tram.
11. You rarely talk to other travelers, but when people start small talk with you they are most likely to be business travelers too - they probably know you are one of them from your calmness, lack of excitement/ smile on your face.
12. You tend to pay attention to other business travelers' luggages - wondering if they are lightweight, with very smartly designed compartments to keep everything super organized.
13. You travel with only your bare necessities - often times without one or more of the following items: sunglasses, camera, map, bathing suit, extra sets of accessories to match with different clothes (and you tend to bring clothes which are of matching color tones to avoid the need for extra pair of shoes).

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