Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beyond Yoga

I've always been a fan of yoga pants - they are so comfortable I hardly ever travel without them.  Yet not all yoga apparel brands are as comfortable as I'd like them to be.  Lululemon, while being one of the leading brands with probably the widest selection of styles, is not the most comfortable.  The material is thick and a little rough on the skin.

Today, in Pure Yoga (yoga studio), I discovered the brand "Beyond Yoga" and cannot wait to tell everybody about it.  The moment I touched the fabric, I decided I had to try it on!  The material is 90% Supplex + 10% Lycra and feels amazing on the skin - incredibly soft and smooth!  With flatlock seams, there is no irritation from seams scratching your skin.

I bought the pants below with a matching bra top, and cannot wait to wear this to my next yoga class!  The pants are actually so comfortable that I would totally wear them like normal leggings with boots.  Do check them out!  They cost around HK$5xx a pair.

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