Sunday, November 15, 2009

In love with Stefanel F/W 09

Just a few weeks ago I was freaking out over the lack of one fashion label I could always count on.  You know, that one shop you can rush into at the start of a season and basically stock up on everything you need for the next few months in just an hour?  That kind of reassuring, "comfort" shop was exactly what I needed.  I have been lacking such a brand/shop for about 2 years now and I really am not the type who enjoys seeking out items from shop to shop.

Thank God I crossed paths with Stefanel again in Italy after it disappeared from Hong Kong for some 10 years or so.  By chance I walked into that shop today in Hong Kong and with the assistance of a very helpful store staff I found almost everything I needed for 2009 winter within 2 hours.  I hardly ever get a rush or a sense of fulfillment after shopping, but today I did!

Simple yet elegant and sophisticated, romantic, casual chic.  Beautiful earth tones, high quality knitwear, understated but creative cutting.  Fits my body shape and style perfectly.

I feel, in love!


  1. Yes, the style is "very you","好你".

  2. 搵衫真係好煩!! 又唔係十八廿二,花哩花碌...九千萬個layers (日本style)...真係carry唔到!