Saturday, November 28, 2009

Love-Hate Relationship with Lomo LC-A+

Since my LC-A+ camera broke once during a very important trip of mine, I started giving it the cold shoulder.  I threw it around a lot, stopped taking it with me wherever I went, and left an unfinished roll of film in it for more than one month.  It was like a lover who broke my heart and lost my trust completely - I couldn't forgive him.

Yesterday I even considered spending HK$2000 on Diana F+ camera and lenses - Diana F+ is only a toy camera with plastic lenses but pictures come out very soft and dreamy.  Today I finally finished (in fact I didn't bother shooting the last 3 frames) my roll of Velvia slide film in my LC-A+ camera and had it cross-processed.  I rarely shot with slide film and the pictures came out so much more interesting than I had expected.  They were completely random shots I took in the past month or so walking around Hong Kong, but turned out rather charming.

I looked at those pictures and thought:  OK, I forgive you.

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