Thursday, January 28, 2010

Marrakech: Riad El Fenn (Paradise to Heal a Sore Heart)

I arrived at Marrakech this morning feeling like a mess, but as I stepped foot in this riad (Moroccan traditional residence typically has a huge courtyard in the center), I smiled to myself and felt that this was the exact paradise I needed to heal myself in.

Riad El Fenn is opened by Vanessa Branson (Richard Branson's sister).  It is among the most beautiful riads in Marrakech - luxurious yet romantic, traditional, and very cozy.  It is a very intimate riad, and is beautiful like paradise.  There is a strong Moroccan influence but with a slight modern chic to it.  There's beautiful trees, plants, flowers everywhere - oh there's dozens of roses in a bucket in my own room!  What makes it even more special is the number of hidden spots everywhere in this riad, with beautiful couches and cushions, colorful chairs, candles... for guests to chill quietly.  If you look at the second slideshow below, the last two pictures taken at night with some beautiful shadows of lampshade on the ceiling are taken exactly where I am now using my laptop sitting on a huge couch sipping mint tea.

I am staying in Room 1 (one of the 2 slideshows below with a pink wall and turquoise blue bathtub).  I had slept very little (3 hours) before arriving at Marrakech, and when after I stepped foot into my room, I immediately fell in love with it and took an hour long bath.

It is amazing how a room could make one feel special and beautiful!

Each room in this riad has a different theme to it.  Enjoy the slideshow.  One day, when I get married, I would love to have a very small celebration and my honeymoon in this riad.  This is how special it is.

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