Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Powers

A few years ago I remember a friend of mine, Brian Wong, told me a stupid joke about the stupidest super power - the ability to fly but ridiculously slowly.  I still laugh when I think about it.

I am now in Casablanca for work, and it is one of most boring cities in the most exciting countries in the world - if that makes sense to you.  I had dinner in an ultra cool restaurant alone, and had too much time to think (and be sad - I almost started crying during dinner when I had the world's most amazing Pastilla with duck confit and foie gras filling yet no one to share with), which led me to think about some random stuff like - my dream Super Powers.

There's two that top my list and I am very serious about wanting them.  Totally unrelated:
1. Power to make someone think positive and be brave
If you know me well enough, you'll know that I'm characterized by the desire to inspire and cheer up people who are lost, depressed, disillusioned.  I often hope I can do something to help people I care about see things in a positive way, and give them the courage to deal with issues.
I don't know much about past lives, but for some bizarre reason I have always felt that my mission in this current life was to bring hope and light to people's lives.  

2.  Natural shield against jelly fish in the sea
I'm embarrassed, but I am equally serious about this one.  I just wish I could live by the sea and swim freely without worrying about jelly fish stings.

I have also thought about the power of teletransporting myself and a loved one anywhere anytime, so that I could:
wake up in my own bed in Happy Valley,
have pastry and cappuccino in Il Pirate Cafe in Vernazza for breakfast,
swim in the South Pacific Ocean near Nadi, Fiji for an hour,
have awesome muesli pancake in Koh Lanta, Thailand by the beach,
swim some more in Koh Lanta, Thailand,
have sushi lunch (without the 2-hour queuing) in Sushi Dai near Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo,
after-lunch cappuccino in Venice,
shopping in Florence,
pina colada by White Beach in Boracay followed by Havainas shopping in Boracay,

pistachio gelato in Rome sitting outside Pantheon / Trevi Fountain,
half hour nap in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, and munch on Globo biscuits sold on the beach,
half hour stroll from Santa Margherita to Portfofino in Italy,
buying super fragrant soup from Khan Al Saboun in Dubai,
watch sunset on pontoon at South Bay, Hong Kong / in Vernazza by the pier / in Ku De Ta bar in Bali,
have an elaborate but cozy numerous-course Japanese dinner in hot spring hotel room in Hakone, Japan,
(take a break during the long dinner to watch Disney fireworks in Magic Kingdom, Disney, Florida)
dip in private hot spring (onsen) after dinner,
smoke a deadly Gudang Garam clove cigarette and drink beer in a beer joint in Rio,
followed by the world's BEST steak sandwich as midnight snack in Cervantes, Rio,
smoke chicha in Marrakech, Morocco, with a few shots of cachaca (um.. yeah, I don't know how to find cachaca in Morocco),
have a late night boat ride in Perhentian in Malaysia looking at the starry sky,
sleep in a beautiful riad in Marrakech.

And I am now sipping Moroccan mint tea in hotel room alone in Casablanca at midnight.

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