Saturday, January 23, 2010

Came a bit too late...

Argentinians eat their dinners really late.  By really late, I mean really really late.

Two nights in a row, I only started eating my dinner at 10:30pm.  I didn't finish until 12:30am.  After dinner, the Argentinian coffee lasted till 2am.

I struggled to keep my eyes open during the dinner, and to stop my ultra dry contact lenses from falling off.

I was still pondering the whole "choice of emotion" advice and thought to myself:  someone's place in your heart needs to be felt and realized by you yourself instead of being told by others.  Sometimes, when a realization comes too late, it loses the value of such a realization.  I wonder what happens to Little Prince's rose after he went back to his planet for her.....
During our 1am coffee when I was barely awake, my Argentinian friend asked me about my view towards relationship.  (I thought to myself:  Wow that's very deep for 1am conversation.  Where shall I begin?)  I told him,"I feel very strongly about the importance of partnership in a relationship.  I feel that like a business partnership, both partners need to head in the same direction at the same pace.  They need to make sure they understand each other, respect each other's thoughts and openly share ideas.  It takes both partners to hold the partnership together."

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  1. I wrote to a friend on facebook who was about to make a choice for his emotions:

    Am glad to hear that, Antony. Life is shorter than we think - if something is close to your heart, don't take it for granted. Friends can give you advice on rational matters, but only you know how things matter to your heart.