Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where did the love go?

What hurts the most about some breakups is not that the relationship didn't blossom, but that after giving everything to your loved one for years, treating that person as your closest family and trusted soulmate, spending the happiest times and experiencing the best adventures together, he/she cold-heartedly shuts you out like enemy.

Where did the love go?

Remember me?  The girl who cheered for you at your match?  Who bought you congee when you were sick?  Who cooked you Christmas dinner?  Who made you lunch packs?  Who woke up at 4am to make you horlick before your early shift?  Who drew you a comic book?  Who drew you silly pictures to make you giggle?  Who stroked your head when you were falling asleep?  Who reassured you she'd be right beside you when you were worried about losing your job?

Did I imagine all that?

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