Friday, July 23, 2010

You're Too Normal, I'm Too Different; You're from Earth, I'm from Outer Space.

It's not you - it's me.
You're too normal - I'm too different.
You are blood type O, a universal donar - I'm AB, a universal receiver.
You fill your weeknights with plans - I keep mine as chilled as possible.
You don't believe in fashion, luxury, material goods - I like to look good and be admired.
You have a pragmatic attitude towards life - I still search for little adventures and sparkles in a simple life.
You are very hardworking - I am lazy but somewhat intelligent and I aim for least-effort-maximum-results.
You are patient - I am quick tempered.
You take time to recover from an upsetting discussion - I get distracted easily and recover in no time.
You eat very fast - I eat very slow.
You don't believe in impressing me with superficial things - I love being impressed.
You are from Earth - I am from outer space.

1 comment:

  1. Hello ET.
    Come back to the universe, visit my Orion.