Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Don't Want to Live in TKO

No offence.  There is nothing wrong with Tseung Kwan O (TKO), or living in TKO.  I have friends and colleagues who live in TKO.

I just don't want to live in TKO, because I grew up on Hong Kong Island.  No, I am not living in TKO now.  (So what am I babbling about?)  I am trying to say that I don't want to compromise my environment and lifestyle for anyone now or in the future.  I love Hong Kong Island, I love Happy valley.... I don't need to live on the Peak, but I refuse to move to Kowloon or New Territories for anyone who has a problem with Hong Kong Island or cannot afford to live on the island with me.

I know I sound like a real brat, a princess.  Well, perhaps I am.  What is so wrong about wanting to maintain MY current lifestyle and standard of living?  I don't want my home full of IKEA furniture.  I don't want to use IKEA everything or Japan Home Center everything.  I don't want to take the bus or MTR wherever I go, even when I am very tired and want to take a taxi.  I don't want to cook with No Frills olive oil.  I don't want to use Vinda 1-ply toilet rolls.

I am not a gold digger, I am not looking for a very rich man, now or in the future.  I just want someone, apart from other character traits I seek, to share a similar style and standard of living as me, so no one needs to compromise or struggle.  I worked very hard to achieve and maintain my current standard of living - comfortable but not excessively extravagant - and I do not wish to compromise this for anyone no matter how nice a person he is.  Yes personality is very important, and I will never sacrifice that either, but lifestyle to me is equally important. 

It's hard and it's sad, when you realize love doesn't conquer all because you live in the real world.

PS:  I don't have a problem with IKEA or Japan Home Center either - I do buy stuff from them when it's better value for money.  I just don't want my whole house to be IKEA and Japan Home Center solely because of price reasons.  Vinda - yes I have a problem with that because it is cheap toilet paper which is thin and rough.
PS2: And this is not a dilemma I have right now.  I have just been thinking about this for the future only.

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