Thursday, July 22, 2010

Don't Steal My Food

I absolutely hate it when a guy "steals" my food.  I grew up with my family always making sure if I had enough food to eat, offering me more than my share.  Kevin (last boyfriend) also always made sure I ate enough, and often gave me his food even (though I usually couldn't finish and gave him my food to finish).

So recently I met a male friend who had meals with me a few times, and each time not only did he not offer me the last piece of food left in the shared dish, he even ate more than his share without asking.  (By the way, I only just realized this was a very "Chinese" specific issue because in Chinese meals we share dishes.)  Each time eating with him, I felt like it was a race to fight for my share of food, otherwise in no time he would have eaten 80% of the dish already!  I'm not exaggerating.  I am not a huge eater, and I usually can't finish even my share, but it should be my right to decide whether I wanted to offer my share to others!

Am I too cheap?  Or do some people not understand social etiquette??


  1. O well, some men are so cheap. U r so not CHEAP. It's not about being a gentlemen or not, but being a human. A real HUMAN!!!!!

    My recent ex is exactly like your male fren!!!!!! He's so cheap, being afraid he would lose his share. He didnt treat me like that, but also others too. Yet, he so called "native canadian" with no canadian accent - he eats with PIGGY sound......................LOL

    HATE THESE PEOPLE (cant just say guyz, as some women r horrible too -> as U know I always try to be neutral) :P

  2. Actually, there is more to the story...

    This friend of mine, the first time I talked to him about it, I told him that all my life all my family members and my male friends always offered me the last piece of food from each dish, but he didn't. (Not only did he not offer me the last piece, he didn't even ask "may I have the last piece" before taking it.) After that time, he usually gave me the last piece.

    But then after a while I noticed that even though he gave me the last piece, during the meal itself he was eating so fast that he was snatching up most of the food. If I continued at my slow eating pace, I would have been left with 20% of food only. Otherwise I would have to catch up with his pace to have my fair share! Last time I ate with this person, I tried to speed up my eating, or grab two pieces each time, but still I only had 30% of the dish. I was quite upset!

    I noticed that having pre-separated portions of food helped a lot - say there's 6 pieces of dumplings, or two halves of a sandwich.

    I'm sure he didn't mean to be cheap, but still, it was poor etiquette, and not considerate!

    In fact, one time we went to a favourite Chinese-fusion restaurant together with his friend. There were 5 dishes, two of which were my favourite. Though the guys gave me the first piece of each dish, I ended up having very little of my favourite spare rib dish, and I only had one serving (that initial serving) of the vegetable dish. I was so disappointed, the following week I went back there with another friend, and re-ordered two of those dishes.

  3. O.........U know, considering that, he will be the pb you can never have a good healthy weight (coz U r so skinny now!! dont defend as U R!! )