Monday, July 19, 2010

Secret Wish List

I am blessed with a lot of gifts from God, and I dare not ask for more.  Yet, if there is anything I secretly wish for, here's the list in no particular order:

Talent in sports (especially racquet and ball games)
Smooth, strong and shiny hair
Good at making funny faces when photographed
Cracking funny jokes
Psychic power to communicate with animals
No more water retention/ bloated tummy and legs
Miraculous unknown source of income, deposited into my bank each month
Natural snowboarder
Natural swimmer even in strong currents
Great at remembering (ordinary) faces and names
Survive an adventure in the Amazon without any close encounter with insects or animals, yet with a nice place to sleep in
Smaller calf muscles without botox
Immune to all side effects of UV rays
No more daily neck pain and tendon soreness
Ride a bike
Forever youthfulness - appearance, health, mind
Forever optimism, high spirits, courage
Natural and peaceful death 
Natural shield against all insects and ugly animals
Become an awesome photographer
Paint awesome (non silly/ stick figure) pictures on canvas

After typing out the list, I noticed my secret desires/wishes could be categorized as follows:
Physical sports/ activities related
Physical appearance
Physical and mental well-being
Silly but serious wishes
Useless envy of others

PS:  I cannot decide if I should be embarrassed about not having any wish to save the world...

1 comment:

  1. You are a photographer! I dont see you having any bloating issues. You have youthful appearance with good skin. They are not wishes!!! :)

    Though I have to admit, you dont do cycling - it's a good secret wish to know how to. :)

    U r fabulous, sweeite!!!