Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Girl Friends

I grew up playing with boys and never had a core group of female friends until my mid 20's.  Still, I never just befriend any random female, as I find many females too whiny, strange, fake, stupid to connect with me.

I want to write a short note about my female friends as they are all awesome in their different ways.  In fact, I was inspired to write about them because one friend, "M", totally cracked me up today.....

..... I was looking at an ex's album and I said to "M" online, is it bad to say that someone's kid is not cute?  (I passed the album link to her.) She replied, wow he's cute.  I immediately asked, my ex or the kid?  She replied, your ex is cute, his wife is ugly, his kid is ugly.  I laughed so hard when I read her message!  No, his wife is not ugly and neither is the kid.  It was just the way girl friends show their support and their effort to make one another feel good. (Ex:  If you are reading this, I am sorry, it wasn't personal!!)

One of my girl friends, "G", also used to join in my acknowledgment of certain ass-hole exs' "death".  I'm not a bitter person, but some jerks I dated were better off "dead" in my mind simply because of what assholes they had been.  So "G" and I used to refer to those as "the ones who f*cking died" and they could "rest in peace".

I also love my open-minded girl friends who know my nature, and don't judge me when I use strong language, elaborate descriptions, and sometimes politically incorrect words to illustrate my point.  Like when I said to "M" one day that "I don't want to live in Tseung Kwan O", she understood it was a personal preference issue, not that I felt there was anything wrong with people living in TKO.  And likewise, it's nice being able to be politically incorrect when talking to friends, like discussing with "D" the pain in dealing with "retards" around us, knowing fully well we weren't referring to the truly mentally handicapped in any way.

My girl friends provided me with so much support, caring, inspiration, laughter, entertainment, companionship over the years, I can't express how much I am thankful to them.

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