Monday, January 24, 2011

Curly's First Day Home

I finally brought Curly home yesterday.  He's super active though whiny when kept behind bars.  I let him come out of the cage to explore the environment, and he already responded to his name and followed me around the living room while I walked zig zag or in circles.  It was a real joy to have a fur ball follow me around.

I tried hard not to be overly affectionate to him yet, and to ignore his whining.  I wish I could tire him out before letting him happily go back to his cage to rest, but since he was still sick afterall, I had little choice but to force him into the cage. 

Luckily he has good appetite and so far he is very well housebroken.  He is also much more affectionate to me now, knowing I am the boss in this household.  I wish for nothing but good health for him and more obedience growing up.

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