Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Toy Poodle Puppy: Curly

Let me introduce:  This is Curly, an emotional toy poodle boy of 10 weeks old.

After Beary left, and a lot of crying thereafter, a very helpful staff, Cat, at Dog One Life helped me find this cute fluffy puppy from a breeder.

I was supposed to pick him up yesterday but he caught a cold and Cat is helping me look after today before I try to bring him home tomorrow.

To prep me to become a responsible owner and leader of Curly, I have also started reading Cesar Millan's books and watching his DVDs. 

I am excitedly looking forward to this new addition to my home and life.  I truly hope the puppy will grow up to be a healthy, happy, well-behaved dog and companion of mine.  In the meantime, I am practising "calm-assertive" energy, and shhh signal for disapproved behaviour.  :)

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