Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rebound Guy/Girl

I don't agree that if a person gets into a new relationship fairly quickly it automatically means he or she is on a rebound.

Having said that, I do notice that typically the person on a rebound tends to date someone (seemingly) without the traits that he or she hated in the ex which likely led to the breakup. Yet, sadly, another commonality in breakup of the new romance is that the new date does not have the positive/admired traits of the ex.

What does this mean? It means that often times we try hard to move on from the breakup and, conscious of the need to learn from the "mistake", we look for someone without those incompatible traits we experienced. However, in the process of searching and learning from "mistake", we sometimes lose sight of what WAS important and what we LOVED about the ex. We subconsciously block out those positive memories of our ex's good qualities to avoid the pain, only to realize later on that while the new date does not possess those negative traits he/she also does not possess the great ones we used to value.

Perhaps, it's not important though. Afterall it's just the healing process of the brokenhearted and the rebound person is merely a timefiller. For this, I wouldn't want to be anyone's rebound girl!

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  1. I dont think it's an absolute but the trend does incline to be so. However, I do have frenz of supposedly "rebound rp" ended up in marriage or something more wonderful. I guess, each person needs to find his/her own way to mend the pain - be it a rebound rp or flings or being alone. :)