Monday, January 17, 2011

Officially, The Deceased.

It's embarrassing that I dated a petty guy for 2 years, 2 prime years of my life.  A guy so petty that he deleted my friends and I from facebook.  Is that really necessary?

I feel so bad that I ever introduced him to my closest friends, who treated him like their own close friend for 2+ years.  Even after our breakup, they never bad mouthed him or thought ill of him.  We were all mature enough to accept that not all relationships work out.

So this was the kind of insensitivity I had to deal with on a regular basis for 2 years.  He just never bothered to manage matters more maturely, delicately.  When he realized/ was told his actions hurt my feelings, he would be very upset (at me) for being hurt.  I am very sorry my friends have to deal with it too.  Clearly, he hasn't thought about the awkwardness if he ever bumped into my friends on the street, even the friendliest ones who'd otherwise still greet him like an old friend. 

I never deleted him or his pictures from my facebook because I didn't feel it was necessary.  I didn't love and care about him just because he was my boyfriend at the time, but because I loved and cared about him as a person.  That, to me, was special.

Well, it is good that this happened, so now I can officially accept that I have wasted 2 years of my time on someone completely cold-blooded and cruel, who didn't cherish anything between us.  He is now officially - THE DECEASED.

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