Thursday, February 10, 2011

Human Nature

Was talking to friend about relationships and I had the following view:

When we are blinded by love, desperate for love, we tend to bet on the odds.  We may have observed some critical character flaws in our partner, but still foolishly choose to turn a blind eye, thinking "love" conquers all, and we'd be immune from being harmed/ attacked by those character traits.

I am of the opinion that people may change their perception and behavior, but rarely their character.  I believe a person's nature and character largely gets carried through life once developed as an adult.  Thus, I would never again give someone's critical character flaw or sneaky nature a second chance.  If a good natured person tells little white lies occasionally to make situations less complicated for everyone, he/she may have a chance to change, if he/she ever sees the need to.  But if a person tends to tell little white lies to cover up his sneaky deeds for his advantage, I personally do not believe there is a high chance that person will easily change that sneaky nature.

Just my personal opinion from my observations and experience. 

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