Monday, May 24, 2010

Phewwwww It Feels Good to Tell the Truth

Just now, I finally found a nice way to "reject" a guy without hurting any feelings.  It took more over a month to come up with the right gentle explanation.

I said: _______, I'm not sure if this is the right time to talk about this, since you are busy and I have to catch my sleep, but the older I get and the more failed relationships I've had, the more I believe that attraction alone is not enough to see someone seriously or semi-seriously.  Sometimes, something is missing, and one doesn't always know exactly what that something is... but the lack of that something makes it difficult to move forward.
He said:  Yes, I agree.
I said: I mean, I feel like you and I are from totally different planets.  I don't find myself particularly weird (!!) and you're probably not all THAT weird either (though yes, I do find you weird by my standards), yet somehow we seem so different.
He said: Yes I know what you mean.  In fact my friend Sami commented that on my birthday you didn't really seem to get me.
I said:  Yes, and likewise you don't get me at all.  We interact in such an awkward manner!  It's not because you're British, cos I've dated other ethnicities before...
He said: Anyways, no drama.  I'm getting busy here, have to run.
I said:  Sure, I have to sleep too. 

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