Monday, May 10, 2010

Dragonboat Race - 500m

Am travelling for work and in taxi to hotel. Can't wait to write a short note on my 2nd dragonboat race of the year which took place yesterday in Deep Water Bay.
It was a great experience racing with this amazing team "FD". It has great team spirit, some very experienced paddlers, very genuine teammates, and a great party vibe!! It was one of the sunniest days in 2010 so far, the sea was relatively calm. Despite being a 500m race - twice the distance of the Stanley races - it was surprisingly manageable and one of my 4 races had 'guests' from Fire Department which really made the boat FLY! To top it off, the event had a great DJ and our team was dancing to the songs before the races attracting a lot of attention! It was the most fun I had had at a dragonboat race!!!
Looking forward to the next race at the Stanley Warm Up!

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