Friday, May 14, 2010

Moroccan Mint Tea

My local colleague spent an hour briefing me on how to prepare a good pot of Moroccan mint tea.
What is needed?
1. Silver or metal Moroccan tea pot
2. Small glass tea cups
3. Chinese tea leaves - my colleague recommended this brand sold in Morocco from Mainlaind China which says "gunpowder" on the box
4. Handful of mint leaves and stalk, preferably large leaves with rough surface
5. White sugar
6. Kettle, quicker if electric one available
How to prepare?
1. Boil water in an electric kettle, ensure it stays boiling hot while you are preparing the tea.
2. For a tea pot which serves 8 small cups of tea, put in 1 to 1.5 teaspoons of Chinese black tea powder/ leaves.
3. Pour half a small tea cup of boiling hot water into the pot. Do not move the pot. Wait for 30 seconds before pouring the water into a tea cup to keep for later use.
4. Pour another half tea cup of boiling hot water into the pot. Hold the pot by the handle and swirl the pot for about 15 seconds then pour the water out and down the drain.
5. Pour the small cup of tea water set aside earlier back into the pot.
6. Fill up the pot with boiling hot water until 1.5 inches from the top.
Place the pot over small flame and wait till the tea comes to a boil and about to foam.
7. Remove from heat, put in mint leaves and about 8 teaspoons of sugar. Close the lid. Do not stir.
8. To serve, pour the tea into small cup. Then pour it back into the pot. Repeat once more. This procedure mixes the sugar and mint flavor with the tea.
9. Pour a little tea into a cup to taste. Add more sugar as needed.
When pouring mint tea, lift the pot high up so that the tea forms a foam. Good mint tea should have a little foam on the surface.

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