Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meet " Little Lamb" & "Sex.mp3"

Meet Little Lamb when he was 1. My business associate in Casablanca proudly told me over lunch how he could slaughter a lamb during the yearly Big Feast. Out of respect for local culture, I asked a lot of questions, and he excitedly explained in great detail how each family would buy at least one lamb 3 days before the feast, feed it, then slaughter it, skin it, drain the blood for a day etc before cooking it. He meant to send me before and "after" (skinned) picture, but the latter became "sex.mp3"!

He wanted to bluetooth to me two pictures of Little Lamb his family slaughtered during the feast. One file showed the cute little lamb, the other one was named Sex.mp3 which I couldn't open and was prob sent to me by accident. Was tough to pretend nothing happened and keep a straight face....!!


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