Thursday, August 4, 2011

Confident Men. Like! +1!

A young guy sent me a text message:  How about we go watch the Smurfs?
I was busy at work so I didn't respond.  So after a minute or so, he sent a follow-up text message: So you can get Smurf'd
I was still busy so I didn't respond.  Perhaps he thought I found his message silly so I didn't respond, after another minute, he followed up with another message: That last part sounds weird.  Ignore that last part.

When I finally saw the three messages, I almost slapped my forehead, thinking: Poor Boy! When even your messages show you have so little confidence, you're doomed to fail even if it's a young girl you're after.

I like confident men who have qualities and achievements to be confident about.  I like confident men who proactively pursue me and do not show that they are afraid of failing.  I like confident men who seem to have an opinion on everything (yet humble enough to listen to others' perspectives).  I like confident men who know I'll find their confidence charming.  :)

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