Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today I had a fun dragonboat practice (not too strenuous), took a hot shower and chilled in Stanley with my very fun teammates, went home and felt like I wanted more exercise so I went for a lovely walk with a friend/ teammate around the race course and to CWB, then back to Valley.  I had some leftover food, so we went to buy some more food to cook pasta.

It's been years since I really cooked with someone who knew how to cook, and the dinner was prepared surprisingly quickly.

We were having dinner with the TV on and this travel show somehow was talking about dragonboating in Singapore so we finished the show.

Now I'm closing the night alone, probably going to finish my book (re-reading Alchemist for the second time).  Before I get to my book, I want to post this note, reminding myself how nice it is to have good company.

I loved the day.

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