Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life Purpose

I asked a wise man, does everyone have a life purpose?
He said to me, yes everyone has a life purpose but for most the life purpose could be very "mundane" because their spiritual awareness can only reach rather basic levels hence their life purpose could be simply following social norms and expectations.

Recently I confirmed my life purpose.  It did not come as a big surprise, or a great awakening, as it stemmed from an idea I had developed a number of years ago - only that for years I did not give it enough thought in what form I could execute it.

Without going into great details, what I am planning to do is to show the world how happiness can be extremely easily attainable, as seen through the eyes of different people from very diverse backgrounds.  I will share more when the right time comes.

The background of this idea is that for years I noticed I had a natural talent of touching the hearts of friends/lovers (especially the lost/sad/confused ones) by showing how happy and content I could be with the most simple things in life.  I have surprised and inspired a number of them whose worlds were rather grey before they met me - yet all this came very effortless to me as I was just living my normal life and feeling happy over simple things around me.  A few months ago I also created a photo album on facebook showcasing all the things which made me smile, which, to my surprise, generated a lot of interests and comments even from acquaintances who normally wouldn't comment on my updates on facebook.  This, and a conversation with my friend Dawn, led me to start giving the idea a more serious thought.

So today I am glad to announce that I will be pursuing my life purpose, personal legend, or whatever you call this.  It will take some effort to create an action plan, doing some basic research how to make it happen, but I have some interesting ideas and I think this has potential to become a great long-term project for me.

I hope you will all find your own life purpose as well.

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