Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Toy Poodle Curly Update

Curly is turning 4 months old next week and I am very excited.  It means getting his third vaccine shot, and being able to start walking him and taking him out to meet friends! 

The first month of raising him was tough.  It was my first time keeping a pup - a very high energy and quick-tempered pup - and being patient and calm certainly was never in my natural genes.  In the end, I hired Trainer Ben to train me and pup.  Originally the intention was to teach him obedience.  Turned out, he was taught a lot of tricks - through which he started to understand rules and obedience.  It has been a great experience teaching him tricks, as it bonded us and gave him a sense of purpose each day - to focus on my combination of commands, follow, and work for his food.  Here's a few clippings of Curly.  I am so proud of Curly and love showing off his videos! 

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