Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011 Year-to-Date

It is scary how quickly time flies!  I still haven't finished my 2010 review, or 2011 goal setting, and it's already March!

Strangely, I spent the last 2 months extremely busy with showing friends from out-of-town around and looking after Curly - both things I extremely enjoyed - but haven't really done anything for myself.  So, now that Curly is about to have his third vaccine shot next week, I should be ready to take him out with me soon, and resume a more outdoorsy lifestyle!

Dragon boat training has started and I really enjoy spending time with those old friends & teammates.  Just that my body is not liking the sport too much causing too much strain on my ligaments.  I haven't decided to continue training or not, or only to show up every once in a while.  Regardless, I really should start finding other interest classes to join, to broaden my social network and pick up a new hobby. 


  1. Try to get some inspiration from beaches. Mexico has lovely and pristine beaches. There are also great local restaurants you can visit if you are into something exotic.

  2. Yes I'd love to check out Mexico someday. Am already done checking out Asia - if only S America wasn't so far away!!